The Street Animals Drinking Water (SADWa) Project

SADWa was the pilot project for SEWA.
Here are a few details highlighting its success and it transition to SEWA.

Material provided under SADWa :

  • 10 liter capacity Water tub.
  • Stickers with animal along the length of the tub.
  • The sides of tub have stickers with names of the sponsor.
  • The tub is provided with a 3 meter long nylon rope to tie it to a tree. Tying up the tub prevents the rag pickers from walking away with it.

The day to day SADWa routine:

  • A SADWa- caretaker was appointed.
    • The caretaker’s responsibilities included daily cleaning the tub properly and filling it up with fresh water.
    • The caretakers were chosen from those who had shops or some activity conducted on the footpath regularly like a cobbler, a telephone booth, a pan shop or a tea shop owner, a milk vendor etc.
    • The caretaker’s duties would include keeping a watch on the tub and then emptying and locking it away with the business belongings overnight.
  • An amount of Rs. 200/ month was arranged to be paid to the caretaker.
  • Our supervisor kept a watch by paying each spot a random visit every day.

How SADWa Model can be replicated all over?

It's not easy to acquire tubs and to replicate the pilot project on a large scale but great solutions need not be complicated and difficult. So here is a simple solution:

"When carrying food for the strays, one can also take some water in a bottle with a bowl to pour out the drinking water. The bottle and bowl can be reused during each feeding session."

It has been noticed that some animal lovers use stone or earthenware bowls as a theft preventive. However these gather moss in time with no one cleaning or refilling them regularly. Thus the problem of clean drinking water for animals is not adequately resolved even with these earthen bowl initiatives.