Our Aim

Stray animals are seen by some as a menace but they serve a purpose in the very society that they are considered a nuisance. Cats serve a purpose of keeping areas safe from common pest while dogs work like an area surveillance keeping societies on the alert for thieves, suspicious people, snakes and others.

Cruelty to animals can be classified into two types: (1) Tangible cruelty which is meted out by animal haters by beating the animals to inflict deep wounds, poisoning them, starving them, keeping them tied up all day or not providing needed medical attention when required. However a colder form of cruelty is borne by the animals (2) when no provision for drinking water is made. This cruelty is inflicted by people who are indifferent and even by the animal lover who provides food but conveniently forgets to carry some water along for the animals.

These street animals are God’s gift to human beings. Our aim at SEWA is in providing the strays the basic necessity for life, which is water.