In Action

The Challenge and Solution

India is among the few places in the world, where serving water is a basic cultural ethic. Sadly, the animals in our society do not receive this basic requirement of life. Animal lovers do their bit v oluntarily by serving stray animals’ food and medicine but water is rarely given. This forces the animals to consume waste water, which makes them sick as well as carriers of disease.

Looking at animal related diseases like Swine flu, Bird flu, Mad Goat disease; it can be assessed that we can keep better health by just maintaining a healthy environment, which includes our stray ani mals as they play a key role as scavengers and local surveillances.

We thereby prompt people who feed or provide medication for stray animals, to also provide water for the strays by carrying a bottle and drinking-bowl which can later be reused during the next feed. As the Society for Empathy and Wellness of Animals i.e. SEWA, we are here to communicate the stray animals most basic day-to-day necessity of clean drinking water.

SEWA Areas Covered

The areas we have covered are marked on the map below.

SEWA Awards for Corporate and Individuals

SEWA is a joint initiative and we are here to Award and Recognize efforts from both organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals dedicated for the welfare of animals & birds.

How You Can Help / Promote the SEWA Cause

Join the network
If you are an animal lover who cares for your surrounding stray animals, we would like you to collaborate with us in this initiative to spread the message across to other Animal Lovers about the need of giving water to stray animals when feeding them.
Alternatively you may even like and share our cause through popular Social Networking options.