We are a NGO who have noticed that animal lovers have inadvertently overlooked the need of providing drinking water to street animals. In rendering our service to society in this area we are the ‘Society for Empathy and Wellness of Animals’, appropriately connoted as SEWA.

SEWA is the brainchild of Mr. Baldevkrishan Sharma, the owner and MD of Marshalls Grp. of Companies, who initiated a pilot project to provide drinking water to stray animals at Shivaji Park in Dadar on 15th March 2012, while studying its benefits.

The preliminary observations made on the behavior of the animals benefiting from this project are: significantly less excitement, toned down aggression with near zero dog bites reported since Oct. 2012 (though exact statistics are being collected via RTI to the local BMC Ward Office [G-North]).

SEWA, with the help of social media, print & other electronic media, animal lovers and NGOs endeavors to raise awareness among the people particularly among animal lovers and NGOs (who actively feed the animals), about the need to provide drinking water to street animals with a reciprocating benefit that meets the public at large.